Distance between (V)

Yoshiko Okada

Memories and emotions from the past come together and form the present. Waves of experiences that continuously deliver a new essence and visualization. How the world is seen, but also how the world sees you. Sometimes transparent, sometimes reflective, with tension, closed, but always layered—multiple levels of awareness. Yoshiko Okada’s artworks are characterized by their emotional depth. Her Japanese background can be clearly seen and felt. Combined with European influences and memories, she is able to evoke tensions and reflections that recur in her works. But the absolute refinement, tranquillity and harmony create a synergy that produces true worldwide recognized masterpieces. ‘Distance between (II)’ is a kiln cast and made of optical glass. The images on the glass are sandblasted. The yellow-orange pattern gives the image a varied effect and is reminiscent of the rising Japanese sun. Together with the light and the viewing angle, reflections are created in and around the image, which gives a continuously different experience. The edition is 4, of which 1 is an artist’s copy.

Country of origin:



Artgallery & Sculpture garden Oudenhove
Rietberglaan 12
8162 NE Epe, The Netherlands


24 cm x 4.5 cm




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