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Huang, Poren

23 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm
Edition: 17/30

Poren Huang (Chinese: 黃柏仁, 1970-), a Taiwanese sculptor, was born in the province Taichung, in the middle of Taiwan. Poren Huang was born in a wood carving family, with a wood carving factory employing more than 100 craftsmen. The family kept many dogs that served as security for the factory, so Poren grew up with both wood carving and dogs.
After graduating in sculpture from the Chinese School of Image and Arts in Taipei in 1989, he began his artistic career and soon produced controversial works.
With the series The Dog’s Notes which contains works such as ‘Home’, ‘Generation to Generation’ and ‘I’m not happy now!’ He expresses his persistent refusal to give up his creative works and at the same time absolute loyalty to his family who in earlier times were often sceptical about his passion for art.

Warhol, Andy

Queen Ntombi Twale of Swaziland
Screenprint on Lenox museum Board
80 cm x 100 cm
Edition: 15/40

Appel, Karel

Oil on canvas
81 cm x 60 cm
+- 1975

Oepts, Willem

Square with plane trees
Oil on canvas
Size: 60 cm x 73 cm
Year: 1958

van Bohemen, Kees

Mixed technique on paper
64 cm x 50 cm

Moens de Hase, Joël

Photography, mosaic, Canson Brilliant print, Dia-sec / plexi
130 cm x 98 cm
Edition: 6/8

The photo mosaics of the Belgian artist are composed of thousands of feminine curves that form a whole. Give the very small photos depth to the works of the artist, an impression of infinity.
This digital art, a contemporary alternative to Pixel art and pointillism, surprises and seduces by the originality and aesthetics of his concept. The divine and creative woman is represented, the woman as subject and / or pleasure object. But above all, the free woman.
Free to dispose of themselves in all equality. A true tribute to sensuality, an explosion of colours that liberates the imagination and stimulates the senses.

Reijnders, Bram

Bite me!
Collage, mixed media with epoxy
130 cm x 130 cm

The layered works of artist Bram Reijnders are the answer to the question “what is reality?” That he asked himself in response to the world around him in which advertising, political play, media hypes and self-glorification through social media give a distorted image. The works of Bram Reijnders are loved all over the world. Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Miami, Beirut and Saint Tropez make his works as international as Bram Reijnders himself.
In his most recent works, Reijnders shows a surreal universe through snapshot photography of everyday situations from various cultures, which have an alienating effect in isolation. He mixes these with thick layers of billboards and perpetuates the volatile spirit in synthetic resin. By mixing these techniques together, Reijnders portrays his “social-ironic” passion for the contemporary world of which he is definitely a product.

Appel, Karel

Formidable visitor
Oil on canvas
77 cm x 38 cm

Brands, Eugène

In the garden
Format: 24 cm x 32 cm
Year: 1980

Rooskens, Anton

Birds on the beach
Oil on canvas
80 cm x 100 cm