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Alfred Boucher (1850 - 1934)

Au But, approx. 1900
A group of running men in bronze who go to an endpoint, resting on a veined marble base.
Cachet du fondeur: Siot-Decauville Paris
Dimensions 35 x 43 cm.

Emile Gallé (1846 - 1904)

Art Nouveau lamp, 1915 – 1918
A table lamp with an etched floral decor from thawkweed in different blue colors on a yellow ground.
The decor is refined with the wheel. Both the base and the hood have an etched decor and are both signed with E. Galle.
Lit. Alastair Duncan, Galle Lamps, page 142.
Height 54 cm.

Louis Ernest Barrias (1841 - 1905)

La nature se dévoilant pour la science, 1898
The most famous statue of Louis Ernest Barrias, which was first executed in marble for the hospital in Bordeaux and was later manufactured in bronze.
It is a partly silver-plated and dark-brown patinated image of a woman who unfolds a large cloth over her body, making her body visible to medical science.
Signed with cachet du fondeur: Siot-Decauville Paris.
Height: 25 cm (without base).