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The Galatea Foundation was founded in 2018. Its objective is the artistic, cultural integration of artists in a disadvantaged position. Preferably artists with a recent migration history (being former refugees with a residence status), who have settled in the Netherlands. It is important that these artists are professionally involved with visual arts at a high quality artistic level.

The Foundation wants to achieve this cultural integration by encouraging and enhancing the artistic skills and social opportunities of these new Dutch people. The aim is to give them the opportunity to optimize their development as an artist in the Netherlands and to increase their social acceptance and awareness in Dutch society.

The Foundation works together with the Reality, a diverse artists’ collective from all disciplines, who have settled here from all over the world.

Nawras Nahar born in 1975
education: Bachelor in the arts, Art academy (B. A) (2002)  (Good Grade)
Universiteit of Damascus, Syria

Raafat Ballan born in 1990
Education: Universiteit ofDamascus in Syria. Faculteit Fine Arts

Nawras Nahar (1975)

mixed media on canvas,  89 x 116 cm

Galatea Foundation

Raafat Ballan (1990)

‘Early morning workers’, Linoleumsnede op papier, 15 x 21 cm