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At ART BREDA, Stedelijk Museum Breda will show an impression of the ongoing museum exposition called True Beauty (3/3 – 19/8). This exposition brings together the most stunning pictures, videos and visualisations from respected scientists with the work of artists who are inspired by science. The artist Hubert Leyendeckers, from Breda, takes a prominent role in this exposition. Come to stand 28 to see an impression of the exposition and a videoportrait of the artist.

Photo: ‘Fluid Rock 16’, 2016, glass, fine gold and silver, 18 x 18 x 19 cm



BredaPhoto goes back in time on ART BREDA. In collaboration with collodion photographer Peter van Hal BredaPhoto will create a original photo studio which was in use 175 years ago. You can visit the studio and make your own collodion photographic portrait. From 5 September till 21 November the 8th edition of BredaPhoto will take place. The biggest photofestival of the Benelux shows works of 55 (inter)national photographers. ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ is the overall topic of this year, and it will show the impact of technology on humans and their future.

Photo: ‘Douwe Bob’, collodion photography, Peter van Hal



The royal VHOK-Pavilion

What is more interesting than to experience art and antiques yourself? Come to the daily Art and Antique sessions at ART BREDA, organized by the ‘Koninklijke Vereeniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst in Nederland’. The Royal VHOK, founded in 1911, is the oldest and most renowned association of art dealers in the Netherlands. The members are ‘the eyes of the art and antique market’ and strive together to the highest standard on connoisseurship, knowledge and ethical standards. 21 members of the Royal VHOK are participants of ART BREDA whereof seven can be found at the Royal VHOK-Pavilion: Kunsthandel A.H. Bies, Theo Daatselaar Antiquairs, Gude & Meis Antique Clocks, Firma S. van leeuwen, Mentink & Roest, Simonis & Buunk Kunsthandel en Floris van Wanroij Fine Art. The members of the Koninklijke VHOK are art historical connoisseurs with a lot of practical knowledge, also about the value of objects. The sessions are all about exploring the field of art together. For more information come to stand 37.



Daily Tours

Twice a day art historian Marius van Dam will provide an interesting tour on the fair. These tours will start at 12.30 and 4.00 pm. The tours are free of charge and the guide can take 15 participants each time. You can sign up at the information desk on the fair.





Combine your visit to ART BREDA with an accommodation in Breda. The VVV Breda offers a special hotel arrangement (50% discount on the ART BREDA ticket included) For more information click here.